ANTOREE stands for ANT + MENTOR + MENTEE. We work as much hard as ants to create the largest education community worldwide, where sharing knowledge is no barrier.

Keep learning anywhere, anytime

Antoree is working towards is no matter who you are, where you are from, or what you want to learn, you can always find a teacher here, on Antoree. You don’t have to waste time going to English class every day or concern about the price per lesson; Antoree will help you learn English in the most convenient, effective and affordable way.

We revolutionize education and English learning through 1-on-1, interactive, technology-based solutions in Southest Asia and in the world. We are a passionate group of thoughtful, committed talents who enjoy their contributions and collaboration everyday.

“We started up with a dream to make the world a better place!”


THUAN - Consultant Lead "I have a clear direction for my future, which is either be the CEO or the head of a department related to education. I have experienced positions in marketing, sales, education and so on. Antoree has the same environment. Other companies also try to provide me such an environment but I do not feel that their products are meaningful.
For Antoree, I think that if a child can be become confident with his English, he can absorb knowledge of all mankind, not just Vietnam. Creating a stepping stone for children to participate in the international playground is what I desire. The other reason is the growth potential for the future here, so long-term commitment will be worthwhile. I rarely join a big company since there is more to do in a small one. Antoree has much room to play. The share bonus policy is also attractive to me."

JOE - Product Execute "I like Education and Antoree has a pioneer model connecting students and tutors. "Sharing knowledge is no barrier." The company is filled with girls so the culture involves a lot of sharing and caring. Work day is fun day and issues pop up every day which is super fun."

HAI - Software Engineer "I really like 1-to-1 classes. Besides, I also want to create value for society. Plus, at Antoree, there are challenges to challenge yourself and to train your fighting spirit. In the first two months of work, the number of occurred issues toppled that of over two decades."

HUY - Teacher Success "A small startup means I get to be a contributor and a talker. If it's too big, everything is there and there is no motivation to think anymore. Here, we all try something. The way I see it, I want to create something, which will last for everyone.
Plus I love the laid-back atmosphere. At my previous job at a bank, everyone just works then goes home and everything tense. Here we can always have fun, for example any kind of jokes can be funny. At that bank, only sex jokes and dry humor works since people have to try their best to have fun."

VAN - Consultant "Here I can do what I like or even get paid to try stupid things. Get to curse my boss out as well. Once I set a goal, I persevere to the end. I find the ideals of the CEO agreeable. Finally, I want to do something unprecedented & apply the widespread implementation of technology."

TAM - Teacher Success "Always get to listen and be listened to. I know that here we are building something together, with the same mindset and in good heart. Plus I have the opportunity to express myself and learn from others from many social strata and background."

GIANG - CMD "We always get opportunities to be in the position suitable to our ability and do exactly what we like. The value you get is worth the effort.
Here I train myself to be patient and to solve problems. To turn big issues into small ones, small issues into nothing smoothly. Thirdly, I get to practice English, especially with teachers all over the world.
I started working here since my friend works here. Antoree has a huge aim for just a startup. It has a dynamic environment, which challenges me a lot. The more I work, the more I am drawn in. What’s more, I always put pressure on myself. Everyone is so active so I should be like them or better than them. An environment full of competition creates a strong drive to work."